Thursday, June 18, 2015

Paltry Prize Pool Jeopardises Jackpot

For the first time in Uglybustards history we may not have a jackpot. More on that later, along with a callout to Tax Dodgers.

Never mind its 20 years too late, the (once) mighty Blues finally look to be re-shaping a treat with Juddy out the door straight after Malt, and his love child Daisy following with a buggered shoulder.  With Ange Postecoglou on the Coach Selection Committee we could see a Ned Zelic comeback any time soon.  Meanwhile the Horse Longmire is so spoilt he throws the toys outa the cot when five goals up and isn't it criminal that drug cheat Crowley remains eligible for the 2015 Grand Final!

Read on for the Round 11 tipping results...

Prize Pool

But first, we're in a desperate situation having extended the deadline to June 30, two months past the regular deadline for prize pool payments. The tally sits at 19 entries, one short of the twenty required to run a weekly jackpot and help pay off Zenben's mortgage.

Rhino's mail is intercepted by a family member
Forget Joe's housing crisis, we have a jackpot crisis. Surely the Ugly Bustards Footy Tipping comp is a higher priority than putting food on the table! (Email for details on how to join the Prize Pool).

Many thanks to all those who on entry purchased the magnificent Uglybustards Stubbyholder and subsequently donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.  All have been posted as of today, with Rhino's at the top of the list.

Entries at 17th June:

Amy Jones, Andy, Archer Rofe, BecCG, Cleverbustard, Flopalot, Funnybustard, gonadbreath, Griggsy, Bill Griggs, Lazybastard, Mik Barley, Pete Lewis, Rhino33, Rod Carter, Sam Griggs, the boot, Uglybustard, zenben.


Again no jackpot, even with a 6 game round.  Many punters had 5 right but no combination got both the Geelong / Collingwood wins right. Zenben remains the sole winner scooping the total to 9 rounds so far.  Up to $10 for round 12, if we get the numbers!

Margin Comp

Andy has the lead for the fourth week in a row although the field is bunching up behind him. Funnybustard was just one point off the margin and climbed two spots into 2nd within and 3 straight kicks of the lead. Archer Rofe and Billy Griggs were the beneficiaries of forgetting their Friday night tips and also jumped two places to hold equal 3rd, another four goals back.


Zenben kept the Joker Ladder lead by a whisker in Round 11, but had to play a joker to do so.  Funnybustard is a hair's breadth behind with the Ox, Rhino33, Elmo and Cleverbustard all well in contention, although the top two are fast running out of bullets with just one joker left each.  Lazybastard still hasnt worked out how to play a joker and is joined on 66 points by BecCG, with Kevin Ormes a point behind on 65, all yet to play the Batman's nemesis.

The standard ladder, led by the Ox and Zenben, then Rhino33, Anthony Aiello and Mik Barley  is as close as I can remember it with the top 5 within a point of each other.  Elmo is 6th equal on points with 2013 champ Sam Griggs 7th, three off the lead.

Tax Dogdgers Month

Yes it's June, time to spend up big on tax deductions and donate to the Uglybustards juvenile diabetes cause!

If you can spare a dollar or two its much appreciated.

Go to and click on the yellow "Donate to Fundraiser" button then fill out your details. A Tax Receipt will be emailed to you straight away.

That's all this week and don't forget your tips for Round 12.


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