Tuesday, July 09, 2013

R15 AFL Results - Farcical Frees as Umps Interchange Error Cannot Curtail Kennett Curse

What a weekend of footy. The Kennett Curse continues for the 11th time despite the ridiculous interchange error by the AFL steward, not to mention the outrageous 'deliberate out of bounds' call against Kelly. The Cats overcame what looked like the Kennett Curse in Reverse for a while there, proving they'll be hard to beat in September, perhaps securing yet another flag in an odd year.

In other news Norf have come storming back into finals contention, karma is served on Jobe Watson, the Giants were denied their first win, pipped by the Bulldogs in a thriller, Josh 'the stutterer' Kennedy beats the Crows off his own boot, and the Harry O / Buckley rift seems to be on a much deeper level for Harry than if your team mate is called a lesbian by his coach. Oh yeah, and Carlton got flogged again.

Frees Against Ladder
With so many controversies this season, headed up by Essendon's Performance Enhancing Drugs saga, it is clear the current ladder must be scrapped in favour of Exhibit A, the "Frees Against" ladder.  This is only fair as the top teams on this ladder are the teams that have been crucified by Razor Ray and co., and so would have been top anyway if the umps were even half-way fair.

This ladder is bound to be far more palatable to AFL fans as the Ducks are placed where they should be - stone motherless last wooden spooners!  And the top 2 teams are those most deserving in a throwback to the late 60s - the Saints and the Blues.  It is also a timely ladder as these two play for top spot this weekend in round 16, so I can only hope the umps bring their form and penalise both teams repeatedly for absurd deliberate out of bounds and interchange errors akin to what the Cats suffered against the Hawks. It should be an intriguing affair and I'm confident Carlton can claim top spot based on current form.

And here's a special treat for success starved Blues fans; Open Mike with the Dominator. May as well live in the past cos the here and now is totally  #$%^&^%$#@.   Part 1 Part 2

Roll the round 15 highlights reel Spiros.  Read on for the latest in Uglybustards tipping results.

Uglybustards Tipping Comp...

A huuuuuuge week in the tipping as Sam Griggs has suddenly streeted the field to lead by a commanding 4 points. Previous leader Andy has had a meltdown, much like his Blues, and has plummeted from 2nd to 5th. Arnold Layne remains in third place while Billycat jumps from 4th to 2nd making it a Quinella for the Griggs clan, who could have made it a trifecta but sadly have been let down by their old man this year. Olles Jacyna was the big mover from 11th into 4th, tipping the full card which included the odd upset, great tipping. These 3 are locked together four points adrift of the leader, while Andy, Anthony Aiello and Swans / Demons legend Craig Nettlebeck are tied one further point back. The presha is on in a close one.

In the Margin comp even more presha has been applied to The Lace with the margin narrowed by another 14 points to just 2 goals, this time by #Car17on who leapfrogs DrBB into 2nd. However The Lace remains a comfortable 46 points ahead of the next prize pool contestant in Quokka with Amy Jones and Simon Williams fighting it out for 3rd. Mik Barley was a huge mover into contention from 14th to 7th overall.

More details on the Tipping Ladder page if you scroll down to the Margin ladder.

In the Trivia comp this week there was no change as it is so nerve-wrackingly tight everyone is too scared to make a move should they stuff up and give the others a psychological boost. Or everyone's lost interest and can't be stuffed. Griggsy holds a slender 11 point lead over yours truly. Gonadbreath is 3rd, 14 points in arrears, and Rotten Ronnie fourth a further 3 points back. To join the Trivia comp, login to footytips.com.au then go to http://www.footytips.com.au/tipping/afl/trivia.

The Weekly Prize did not go off again and climbs to $20 for round 16 next week. Olles Jacyna picked the card but is not in the prize pool. Next best were Billycat, Mik Barley and glenn mcphee who all tipped 8.

Good luck in Round 16, may your tipping God go with you.

Disclaimer: these posts are the work of an Ugly Bustard late at night after the odd tsipouro or three and are prone to contain erroneous errors.

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