Saturday, October 06, 2018

Griggsy Makes History With 2018 2-Peat

Retired Tasmanian Umpire Griggsy made a huge contribution to his superannuation plan and Ugly Bustards Footy Tipping history with his back-to-back win in the 2018 Joker Ladder.  It was the 3rd time Griggsy has taken home the Premiership Cup, also winning in his debut season of 2011.  He is the first punter to win 3 flags, edging ahead of the inaugural Champ Arnold Layne (2000, 2010), Denlash (2005, 2008) and Sam Griggs (2013, 2015).

Griggsy shot out of the blocks this year with a full card pick in the first round, the only punter to do so. He was only briefly headed by Anthony Aiello, Ox and Rod 'Tilt' Carter for the entire season, never dropping below 3rd.  The first round pick gave him a decent lead as other punters like myself struggled to pick more than half the card.

But the competition became close during finals time, where the fullcard 5 point bonus makes a huge difference.  2016 winner Mik aka The Remonstrator came from the clouds with a couple of full card picks lifting him from 18th to 2nd after the first week of finals.  Likewise another previous winner in Flopalot (2014) made a late charge and at this stage Griggsy after leading comfortably had to select the brown corduroys as the difference was whittled down to a mere 3 points, 190 to Mik and Flop both on 187.  Mik dropped off the pace but come Grand Final time the title was still in the balance, with Flopalot able to win by a point, which would have been the cruelest of blows to Griggsy after such a dominant year.  However the Tasmanian Umpire was able to hold on to eventually go back-to-back by a miserly 4 point margin over Flopalot with Mik The Remonstrator 3rd.

Griggsy in his 2017 winning guernsey
and the 2018 reverse clash strip on order for this year's win

In the Standard Ladder new entrant Timmoie took out first place by 2 points over Powerful with Griggsy 3rd, tied together but separated by the margin.

Timmoie also had the best Margin as well, by 27 points from Sam Griggs with Powerful 3rd another 24 points behind, just edging out Tommy Cornell by 3 points for the Uglybustards Merchandise prize as the first paid-up punter.  Timmoie didn't enter the prize pool so missed out on the Uglybustards gear for both the Margin and the Standard Ladder wins, but a fine effort none the less.

Jackpots for 2018 went to yours truly in Uglybustard ($60), Funnybustard ($35), Mik The Remonstrator ($20), Flopalot ($5), Tommy ($5) Griggsy ($5) and Peter Lewis ($5).

A big thanks to Flopalot and The Remonstrator who both made donations to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

More details on the scoring, prizes and ladder results in the Hall of Fame.

And so ends another season of Ugly Bustards Footy Tipping.  Make sure you pull out all stops on your end of season trip and we'll see you at pre-season training in January.  Next year is a very big year with the slogan "Stop  the 3-peat in 2019!!!".  The Tasmanian Umpire must be hobbled.  Spread the word, we need as many highly qualified footy tipsters as possible.

Until then....


Please consider a donation to JDRF for kids with type one diabetes a big thanks for all donations to this point.

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Anonymous said...

what are the ratings like on the ungly fkn bastarstards these days?

i watch the Front Bar

Unknown said...

Mal, well written as always - and, like Alex Johnson, I have been on the long time injury list .. but hoping not to be delisted .. will lace up for a tilt at it with vim & vigour in '09. The Boot.

Anonymous said...

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