Monday, September 18, 2017

Uglybustard Goes AWOL for 2017 GF

With just two weeks left in the 2017 season, I'm off to the land of the Goat and miss the prelims and the Grannie!!!! I wish it was the land of the Lethal Leigh Mathews GOAT, but instead its the land of the four-legged variety in farway Greece, where once again the Uglybustards Board of Directors have sent me in search of new recruits.  Baaahhh.

And so its time to ruminate over what might have been and what still could be for the rest of youse ugly bustards still in with a show.

First of all a speshul mention to Travinport who on debut led the standard season with 133 points at the end of round 23.  In years gone by before we on the Uglybustards Board corrupted the comp, that would have been enough to win the title.  In fact we included finals for the first time in 2010.  But in recent years we  went berserk after a few too many cans around the Board table and added the joker, the five point bonus full card and gave points even if you missed your tips!!!   The Joker Ladder holds the main prize of 60% of the prize pool and the Uglybustards Guernsey, provided by Huru Sports since 2014 and so far won by Flopalot, Sam Griggs and Mik Barley.

In the running for the coveted Uglybustards Premiership and the honour of winning the Uglybustards Guernsey, we have the umpire Griggsy who came from the clouds just prior to finals and has kept all punters at bay so far.  Griggsy managed a win on debut in 2011 and followed with a runners-up the next year, but has been off the podium since.

PETER LEWIS and Travinport are tied for 2nd only four points behind Griggsy, with double-title holder Sam Griggs 4th another point behind.  With the five point bonus still available anything can happen, but so far not a single one of youse ugly bustards has managed a full card pick in the finals its been that hard to pick.

Next is the tilt Rod Carter but 7 points off the lead would need a miracle to come through with the bickies.

In the Margin Comp we have Sam Griggs who skipped away last week by strategically not entering his tips while everyone except Craig Nettlebeck tipped the Swans by plenty.  Sam has a 5 goal lead over The Boot which looks safe, then you could throw a blanket over a pack in 3rd, with Littlebastard, BecCG and Anthony Aiello tied and 1 point behind them you will find a Fluffy Panda. I was winning the Margin Comp after round 10, and now sit 33rd which is a clear sign of studying the form too hard. 

Next we have the Jackpot where Sam Griggs (I've heard that name before) again cleared out the Uglybustards coffers with an 18 week windfall of $90.  Spare a thought for PETER LEWIS who won the next week and pocket a mere fiver.

And finally on to the Standard Season, loved by the traditionalists of footy tipping, which as mentioned Travinport led to the end of round 23, but now this comp is extended to the GF, which means 27 rounds  of tipping, with none of that jokers and full card bonus shenannigans.  Which leads us into a special announcement that the Standard Season from this moment on will be called The Quokka Cup, after 2009 Uglybustards Premiership Titleholder the Quokka, who sadly passed away recently.  The Quokka's son, The Boot (an Uglybustards Premiership Titleholder in his own right having won the comp in 2007) is making a choice of Quokka's footy books available to the winner of this comp.  More on this soon.

With only 3 games to go The Quokka Cup is led by none other than the afore mentioned Travinport, with Griggsy hot on his hammer one point in arrears, then Olles Jacyna another point back making up the top 3.  They appear the only ones in contention as then follows a two point drop back to Sam Griggs, Rod Carter, Bill Griggs and PETER LEWIS all tied up in 4th.  Special mention to Lazybastard and Andy a further point back, Lazybastard I've never seen tip so well.

And that sums it up for 2017.  I'll be stuck half way up a mountain with the goats while the GF is on, same with the prelims, no internet for miles, stuck in the wilderness, just me and the goats.  I'll be at a loose end.  But I'm sure I'll find something to occupy myself with.

As for the rest of you, its finals time!!! I wanna see you cramming those tele's, racking up the cans and tipping until you can tip no more!!!!  Only 3 games to go in 2017!! Who will win????  Who bloody cares???

baaaahhh! bahhh!

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i'll be watching itat my mates resturant here in nam,, the where the fkn ladder?