Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Minor Premiership to Sam Griggs

2013 Uglybustards Champeen Sam Griggs has edged out the Ox for the 2015 minor premiership. With yet another high number of upsets on the round 23 weekend, the Ox's final Joker didn't pay off and Sam scored well to take a 4 point lead into the finals.

While the Ox and Sam have a reasonably comfortable break on the rest of the field, the fight for the minor placing on the podium is really heating up. Archer Rofe leads by margin only with Amy Jones, Elmo, Anthony Aiello, powerful, Andy and Funnybustard all hot on his heels.

There's still plenty of room for ladder movement because although nearly everyone's used their jokers, what remains right up to Grand Final day is the 5 point bonus for picking the full card.

With four 50/50 games this weekend, we could see some big gains in the standings from those knocking on the door of the top 3 prize-winning place-getters, if they dig deep and show the intestinal fortitude required of punters during finals football. But at this stage, the coveted Uglybustards guernsey is Sam Griggs's to lose (no presha).

Sam Griggs has all but sewn up this year's Uglybustards' guernsey (no pun intended)

Weekly Prize

In a record season for least amount of jackpots, yet again the prize did not go off, leaving $40 ripe for the taking in the first week of the finals where there are only 4 games to get right.  Surely it will go off this week for some lucky punter, and picking the margin will be crucial. No doubt Zenben or Peter Gleeson will clean up again.

Margin Comp

The lead has changed for the 6th time this season in the margin with Anthony Aiello and John Longmire overtaking Archer Rofe for this much sought after trophy. However both are not paid up, so the battle for the Uglybustards T-shirt is between Archer and The Boot with just 23 points between them.
The Boot & Archer to battle it out for the Uglybustards T-shirt

Joker Ladder

As mentioned Sam Griggs has pipped the Ox for the minor premiership with Archer Rofe third,
but all that's ancient history now as the real season begins. As far as the prizes go, the Ox didnt enter the prize pool so that leaves the money wide open for 2nd ($91.50) and 3rd ($30.50). Archer Rofe, Amy Jones, Andy, Powerful and Funnybustard are all in the mix for the bickies, but would have to pull off a major coup to take 1st ($183) off Sam.

Standard Ladder 

After leading for so long the Ox gave up a two point lead to Sam Griggs and let Anthony Aiello slip into 2nd spot via his excellent margin score. The prize for the standard ladder will go to the highest-placed-paying-punter who didnt win a prize on the joker ladder. At the moment it looks like we need to go down to 5th placed Amy Jones who has a one point lead over Rod Carter and Powerful.

This Week's Tips

First of all don't listen to me, but I'm putting all my hard-earned on the Wet Toast to win the flag this year. With Nic Nat back they'll paddywack the hawks, cruise in the prelim well rested and make the GF no worries.  Freo will beat the injury depleted Swans, Norf to down the Tigers who haven't won a final since 2001, and the Doggies will be too quick for the Crows on the wide expanses of the MCG.

The Uglybustards Tipping Tool came up with these results:
  1. WCE 75 lost to Hawks 91
  2. Freo 78 beat Swans 53
  3. Dogs 44 lost to Crows 53
  4. Tigers 40 got pantsed by Norf 84
(Warning: dont be a tool and use the tipping tool for your tips)

Crucial for any finals series
Thanks to everyone who's bought an Uglybustards Stubbyholder this year.  If you need one for the finals let me know ASAP!!! (

$5 of your $10 purchase goes to juvenile diabetes research or you can make a direct donation.

Now let's settle back, warm the set and cool the tinnies and get ready for a you-beaut finals series.

...and finally, Patrick Cripps was ripped off!!!



Anonymous said...

great stuff ugly, I remain keen as mustard right up to that first Saturday in october !! 5 points bonus is the key, Vital.

Ugly Bustard said...

cheers zenben

and for the 1st comment the official gonadbreath moderation filter has been relaxed until trade period