Monday, July 29, 2013

AFL Results R18 - Swashbuckling Swans Tear Tigers a Newy

Took a trip to the SCG this week for a bit of twilight footy between the Swans and the Tigers on a glorious Sunday eve in the Harbour city. Got the right seat but got the wrong Bay and was amongst a group of hardcore tattooed toothless tiger fans who had made the trip up from Melbourne.

Twilight footy SCG
The contrast could not have been greater when, upon finding the right seat, I found myself amongst the chardonnay set Sydney fans with a rugby background and was forced to suffer ill-informed shouts of "He dropped it Sir!"and "Holding the ball Sir!". I had never witnessed such respect given to an ump in my life and it was all I could do to stop vomiting over said elitist Swans' fans shoes and general clothing.

At half time I scrambled to the bar, snuck into the members and caught up with Uglybustards tipster and 2007 Champ the boot for some normal footy-speak.

As far as the game went, Richmond were awesome early especially Matty White's opening goal, but it was scary how the Swans reeled them in very quickly before powering home. Surely it's just the big 3 in contention now - Swans, Hawks and the Cats.

In other matches Jezza Cameron is just a frikkin superstar who I'm sure Big Jack would've nabbed on a form four in the early 80s ten years before he was born, it was nice to see Robbo collect Ablett, and The Pod took a pack crunching spekky. All this and more on the the round 18 highlights reel. Roll the tape and read on for the latest in Uglybustards tipping results.

Uglybustards Tipping Comp...

The Tipping Ladder saw no change in the top three this week with Sam Griggs miles out in front as per usual, Billycat second and Simon Williams a point back in third. Andy maintains 4th but Mik Barley has snavelled 5th place this week ahead of Arnold Layne and Craig PotCallTheKettleBeck. You could throw a blanket over these tipsters and they'd enjoy the festivities for weeks they are that close.

In the Margin comp no-one expected the Hawks to do the Dons so easily, and only glen mcphee got reasonably close. As a result he rocketed up the standings from 9th to third place. The Lace was as reliable as ever and slightly stretched her lead to 27 points over #Car17onDrBB is 4th and the minor placings in the prize pool are held by Simon Williams and Sam Griggs in 5th and 6th overall.

More details on the Tipping Ladder page if you scroll down to the Margin ladder.

In the Trivia comp I am now officially catchable as far as Griggsy is concerned, having stuffed it with average rounds of 8, 8 and 7 out of 10. Griggsy simply needs three perfect 10/10s to take the lead.  If he achieves this superhuman feat, all trivia prizes are null and void. Gonadbreath is still 3rd, just three points in front of Rotten Ronnie who are both stagnant on their scores no doubt comatosed from brain strain.

To join the electrically pulsifying Trivia comp, login to then go to

The Weekly Prize was won by Cameron Holterman who tipped the Bulldogs to do the Ducks and they roasted them even in the frees department 20-15, although the Ducks still top that ladder for the season. Cam takes the $10 and we're back to $5 for next week.

Lastly, with the finals just around the corner it's time to start looking for the best AFL Finals Package.

Good luck in Round 19, may the tipping Gods go with you.

Disclaimer: these posts are the work of an Ugly Bustard late at night after the odd tsipouro or three and are prone to contain erroneous errors.

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