Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Uglybustards Update R1 2013

Ochh aye t' noo ahm in fookn pommy lund freezing me balls to a brusss moonkey but ahm doin tit hudd yudds typin this oop on me mobble while hangin off a drain pipe to get nxt doors wifi access. It's fookn cold luddie.
Fer those who r sayin "fer fookssake whats ooogleeebustard gone n Doon wi tit fookn ludder luddie???" Ag'll hufta remindya thut ahve gone n set tit ludder tit blind rooonds wharl ahm away.
That'll be no access nxt wk when ah stutt me fookn mountain trannin with tit gotts in greece. Boot ah
jooost thot ahd droppin n say hullo b4 thut hoopins.
Ah coon uckshually see tit fookn ludder meself und ollejacyna leads tit fookn comp wi 8/9!!! Will Doon    Ollejacyna y moist b new cos ooogleeebustard tipsters dinnae tip thut wull. Dinnae wurry oother tipsters if y gut 4 this wk y Doon wull.
Hoovn a wee grind ol tahm ere n England und of corse their pommy accents ain't affoooked me a bit. Ja mean.
Or right geez ahm darn tit booza.
Go yooouse ooogleeebustards!!!!

...Dinnae f'get tit tips 4 R2    (-:


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fook off oogleebustard